inspired by the medical experiences that people of color receive, the differences and the disparities.

Choreography: Malikah Fernandez & Alex Patrick
"Scars only show us what we can bear, not dictate where we are going"
Scar/ed inspired by a Black man's medical journey, recovering from a brain aneurysm. It was created to bring awareness to one's own health, focusing on men of color. 
More about Brain Aneurysm Awareness
"It takes time, it takes love and it takes forgiveness" 
Created as a cathartic release for my mother, Healing explores a personal experience that voices concern of the quality of care received in our communities. I want this piece to advocate for those who feel overlooked in the medical system.
Choreography: Malikah Fernandez
The Dancers

* 2 photos from Blaktinx Dance Festival/ photo credit: @aw.dre/Audrey Pekela



Featuring Scar/ed (2017) 

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Featuring Healing (2018) 

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Dancers & Choreographers in Scar/ed

*Thankful for the dancers, honored to be part of Blaktinx Dance Festival and a special thanks to Nuebox for the kind words.

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